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    • SM-7500 Water-base Multi-Function Cleaning machine

    • SM-3000 Pneumatic PCB V-CUT Separator

    • SM-60 Nozzle Cleaning machine

    • SM-8400N Wave solder pallets cleaning machine

    • SM-8800 In-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

    • SM-5600 off-line PCBA Cleaning Machine

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    Shenzhen SAM Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is a professional engaged in SMT/Semicon cleaning equipment/waste water treatment equipment/laser application equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales of national high-tech enterprises. After 16 years of development, the strong technical strength and excellent service of Shumu Electronics has won extensive support and trust in the industry. At present, we are serving Foxconn, GE, FLEX, ST, UTAC, CRRC, Cisco, Huawei and many other well-known enterprises. Products are exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, America and Europe and other countries.


    SM-8800S automatic in-line cleaning machine

    ◆The power supply of the equipment is three-phase 380V, 50Hz, and the equipment is grounded ◆The main power switch of equipment electric control cabinet adopts leakage protection switch ◆The equipment is controlled by touch screen + Mitsubishi PLC, convenient for operation ◆The pressure of each group of upper and lower nozzles is adjusted separately to […]

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    SAM Products and Services are good

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